As a professional healthcare service provider, we ensure our patients comfortable and confident that that we will solve the problem that they are faced with. Our immense dedication to diagnostics and preventative dentistry attests to this.

The Community is a human practice that goes back many thousands of years ago. For as long as there have been human beings on earth there have been communities. All types of organisations be it a company, a sport club, a government or government department it does not matter, they exist within and because of some form of a community.

Regardless of where they work, live, play or do business. Talane and Associates’ Dr Talane contributes to numerous charity and community upliftment projects and programmes but more importantly than that a community needs to know who their doctor/dentist is, who their plumber is.

The recent increase in media focus on the smile, with TV shows such as extreme makeover has created a public awareness about cosmetic dentistry and its accessibility.

We're a professional Dental Studio with experience of more than a decade

The South African Dental Profession is something that has existed since 1897, founded by the Natal Dental Association. As dental practitioners in South Africa we are responsible for the image and pride of the profession in South Africa and the world. The profession’s evolution and influence in our communities is carried and managed by its practitioners. It is a customary prerequisite of Talane and Associates Inc. to accept only an exceptional dentist within our fold.

As diligently and as strictly as humanly possible, we value explicit empathy towards patients that is coupled with unquestionable moral aptitude and credible professional excellence in a dental practitioner, without these qualities a dentist cannot and will not service our patients. Fair and satisfactory business practices are the only acceptable terms for us.













Meet The DOC

Dr Talane Wa Ga Mabogoane

Dr.Talane qualified from MEDUNSA in 1999. Dr Talane is a devout Christian and a loving husband and father of three, he hails from Witbank, Mpumalanga and he graduated from the University of Limpopo (MEDUNSA) with two Bachelor’s degrees. As a testament to his unwavering ability to focus and give his whole self to a task he completed both degrees consecutively in record time.

We're a Family Orientated Environment, set up to make a visit to the Dentist a calm, enjoyable experience for our clients and staff alike.

The success and growth of Talane and Associates can be attributed to Dr. Talane’s stern and honest work ethic and the strategic working relationships Dr Talane forges with his fellow colleagues within the dental profession. Talane and Associates invests a lot of co-ordination and money in its administrative and marketing functions through its sister and administrative company, Hope24 Health Centre (Pty) Ltd.


Our Team

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